What is it Like Being a US Expat in The Cayman Islands – Fast FAQs

by Anne Evans

Q. What is the primary language spoken in The Cayman Islands (TCI)?

A. English.

Q. What Country do The Cayman Islands “belong to”?

A. They are a British Overseas Territory.

Q. Is it expensive to live in The Cayman Islands?

A. Yes.

Q. What is the Exchange Rate?

A. Generally, US$25.00 = KY$20.00

Q. Will I continue to pay US Federal & US State Taxes as a US Citizen living in TCI?  

A. Yes.

Q. Do TCI have Sales Tax?

A. No (however, there is import duty on any product purchased and imported onto these Islands).

Q. Do TCI have Property Tax?

A. No (however they levy a “Stamp Tax” on Property Purchases ).

Q. Will US Medicare take care of my health insurance needs in TCI?

A. No.

Q. Can I work in TCI?

A: Yes, No, Maybe. It depends on your Residency Status.

Q. What about Hurricanes?

A. They happen. Be prepared.

Q. Can you import a pet dog or cat?

A. Yes

Q. How many times did you visit TCI before you decided to move there?

A. Zero.

Q: What was your first step when you decided to move to TCI?

A. Retain Cayman Islands Immigration Attorney, and identify a reputable Real Estate Agent.

Q. What were your biggest challenges in moving to TCI from the US permanently.

A. The unexpected.

Q. How do you survive without Amazon Prime?

A. We have Amazon Prime. Orders are sent to Florida and then our third-party shipper transports them from Florida to The Cayman Islands (for a fee + Import Duty, on top of US Sales Tax).

Q. What are TCI biggest problems.

A: Beach erosion, litter, traffic, cost of living.

Q. What is TCI biggest asset.

A. Cayman Kindness.

Q. What do you miss about leaving the US forever.

A. Only our family & friends.

Finally . . .

Q. Have you, Rick, or Smudge ever regretted moving permanently to TCI. A. NEVER!

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