Expatriates on Grand Cayman Staycation Guide: Visit to Rum Point

Just another “Day-long staycation” in Paradise on Grand Cayman . . .

It is the height of Hurricane Season in September, however we have yet to have a major storm. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous! So yesterday, off we drove to Rum Point.

Grand Cayman Island features a large bay (The North Sound) separating the populous West Side (which includes Seven Mile Beach) and the less-visited “North Side”– actually the eastern side of the Sound. Rum Point is at the most northern tip of the North Side of Grand Cayman. Our home is just north of Camana Bay on the West Side, not far from the Seven Mile Beach corridor. See the Map

There are several ways to reach Rum Point:

Private Yacht sailing across the North Sound (not an affordable option for us 😊).

The Ferry which runs from Camana Bay (on the west side of North Sound) to Rum Point in (non-hurricane) Season, a roughly 30-minute ride each way. https://www.caymanferries.com.ky  

Public bus with a transfer at the George Town Bus Station for KY$4 (assume KY$1 = US$1.25) cash each way. Travel time is traffic dependent (see comments below) – and the biggest issue is that although you probably won’t have a problem getting a bus at the George Town Bus Station to take you out to Rum Point– there is no guarantee that a bus will show up to bring you back to the Bus Station! (Read about Public Transportation Part 1 on Grand Cayman Island.)

Taxi – from where we live, cost is likely around KY$150 – each way.

Personal car – which is what we chose for our first outing from our home to Rum Point. If we drive during non-peak traffic periods (i.e., mid-week, departing our home by 11 am and subsequently departing Rum Point by 2:30 pm), it takes roughly 50 minutes each way. If you choose to drive during peak commute periods, assume 2+ hours each way; ditto for Taxi, i.e., avoid peak commute periods! As far as using the bus is concerned, just assume this will be a very long bus ride and keep your fingers crossed that you will encounter a bus that will take you back from Rum Point to the George Town Bus Station.

Now for the Fun Stuff!

Public Beach Access Points Abound Throughout Grand Cayman

There is a commitment throughout this Island (and I am assuming Cayman Brac and Little Cayman that we have yet to visit) to provide easy public access to beaches throughout the Islands.

Rick and I visited 2 amazing public beaches on our initial visit to Rum Point.

Our first stop was at Rum Point’s Starfish Point Public Beach:


Very appropriately named as indeed as I waded into the water, I immediately noted deep orange representatives in these quiet shallow warm waters. This is the first time I have ever seen a live starfish!

Live Starfish in the Waters off Grand Cayman Island

Also fascinating was the signage “Ten Fun Starfish Facts” – yet also so sad to learn that their numbers are dwindling.

Rick and I came with a packed picnic lunch, however had we neglected it, we would not have gone hungry. Nope no “Food Trucks” – however, we spied the floating equivalent — “The Pirates (Floating) Grill.” However, to enjoy, be prepared to get wet.

So, instead of lunching at Starfish Point, we drove back to Rum Point’s Kaibo Beach

This area offers significant picnic facilities – however, it was very quiet and unpopulated given it was off-season during our day vacation. Not really a sandy beach area, however a peaceful area where flora and fauna abound.

As remote as Rum Point may be, there are some stunning majestic homes in this area . . .  in-season vacation homes we assume, because they appeared largely vacant as we drove by in the off-season.

Amenities in this beautiful remote destination are selective:

  • No full-service grocery stores; it’s a 30-minute drive to Foster’s Shopping Center in Savanah during non-commute hours.
  • Dining offers only 2 options:

Could we enjoy living in Rum Point? Perhaps. It is drop-dead gorgeous, so peaceful and serene. However, it is remote  . . .

I came to Grand Cayman hoping to resume both golfing and horseback riding. Living on Rum Point would make it challenging to accomplish either on a regular basis. Maybe Rick and I could substitute snorkeling???

We both enjoy dining out … and certainly there are some nice, however very limited, options on Rum Point … could I perhaps substitute hosting high-end diner parties?

A “quick run” to the grocery store is not an option.

But “whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see” (from Que Sera Sera written by Ray Evans).

I am content with the present and our lovely condo near Seven Mile Beach in the heart of Grand Cayman most certainly!

We returned from our adventure to Rum Point to enjoy a dinner in our lovely condo looking toward the east as the sun set

However, given my dear husband’s sense of looking into the future and sense of adventure, I have no problem with following his lead (again) as he has never steered us wrong. He has always led us on to new and exciting adventures. And perhaps another is in our future – a relocation to another part of the island. That said, I pray every night that our future does not force us to return to the US . . .

If ai cannot solve a problem by baking a cookie, I cannot deal with it

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